Massage by Kathleen Ethier LMT
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Over 30 Years experience as a Massage Therapist and esthetician, Kathleen uses an assortment of techniques to achieve optimum results. 

Because every Person is different, every treatment regimen is unique. 

Your questions and inquiries regarding my professional background and treatment methods are welcome. Call or email for more information
•    Promotes relaxation in both your mind and your muscles. 

•    Releases tension and stress. 

•    Improves circulation, blood flow and posture. 

•    Massage is 3-5 times more effective in muscle recovery than resting alone. 

•    Regular massage cleanses your skin and helps to remove dead cells. It opens the pores and encourages the secretion of the        natural oil that aids your skins elasticity resilience. 

•    Contributes to healthy sleep which increases your energy level. 

•    Lowers blood pressure and reduces your heart rate 

•    Promotes the waste-removing lymphatic system to improve your body’s resistance to infection. 

•    Stimulates the release of endorphins, your body’s natural painkiller. 

•    Massage on a regular basis reduces the level of cortisol in your bloodstream, a stress hormone. 

•    Massage helps relieve and prevent soreness and spasms in your muscles. 

•    Helps rid your body and muscles of toxins. 

•    Increases range of motion. 

•    Puts your body in its natural, ideal state so your body may heal itself.

Swedish –full body massage that relaxes, improves muscle tone & stimulates circulation. A gentle technique; used to provide relaxation, improve circulation, relieve tension & improve range of motion.
Deep Tissue – a “target” massage that works through muscle tension (layer by layer) reaching the deeper muscles & connective tissues where tension &/or chronic pain may be released. Often used to correct tension or damage from overuse or injury.
Aromatherapy Consultations and Aromamassage - Customized Consultations and/or Treatment using Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils by Young Living Oils.
Mother’s Massage – New & expectant mothers can take advantage of this “specialty” full body massage. Relax, increase energy & relieve discomfort during & after pregnancy. Benefits are; easing aches & pains, reducing excess fluid retention, increased flexibility, relieve headaches, constipation & heartburn.
Sports – designed for the athletic individual or the weekend warrior, focusing on preventing injury and increasing performance. Excellent during training for athletic events.
Hot Stone – a full body massage using the healing power of stones, hydrotherapy & heat to create the ultimate relaxing experience. Hot stones warm & open the tissues to allow more effective muscle & tissue work.
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